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Have you ever seen someone do something really kind for someone and thought, what a beautiful thing that is to do? Or have you been the receiver of something kind happening to you? Or better yet have you been the person doing a random act of kindness for someone else?


It’s feels pretty fucking inspiring, heartwarming, and pretty fucking epic and it's exactly like a little happiness loop!


As humans we crave connections, and within the current times it has been really testing for every single one of us. Some have even suffered severe depression as a result of isolation, feeling like they don't belong, past trauma's and life struggles building up.

Kindness Connects is here to raise awareness around mental health, spread more positivity into our world, while

Through random act of kindness, we can build long distant connections with strangers that ripple out into our wider community, creating a sense of belonging, helping to reduce isolation, and releasing the love hormone inside us all.


The more random acts of kindness spread out, the happier the world becomes.


Our hoodies are designed to put a smile on someones face as you wear it in the streets, giving a little hope to those who may need to read it, and making you feel supported throughout the hard times of life.


Limited edition drops happening every month, creating designs as we feel called too. 

Sharing our message far and wide, while giving the gifts that keep on giving. 


We welcome you to join our community, whether it's purchasing our merchandise, completing a random act of kindness or sparking a conversation with a mate.


Whatever it is, I hope our brand can inspire you to be a little kinder in every day situations, for you never know who needs it the most, and maybe even one time it'll come back around to you💙


Oceans of Love

- Brooke💙

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