• Kindness Builds Connections.
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We HAVE to stop underestimating the power of kind gestures.


4 reason's to quite that inner critic that's stopping you!

Brightens someone’s day.

Remind them they too are important.

Feel good for yourself.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Research has found that people who perform a random act of kindness tend to underestimate how much the recipient will appreciate it and they believe that miscalculation could hold many of us back from doing nice things for others more often. It’s the “little judgy voice” in people’s heads that causes them to question whether their gesture or gift will be misinterpreted, or whether it will make the recipient feel pressured to pay it back.


We say, if it’s in your heart, you should probably do it!


But, people still shy away from RAOK as they think what they are giving is small. Though it’s in the small thought that matters the most, and holds the most meaning behind it to brightens someone’s day and remind them that they too matter in this world. Just remember it’ll never backfire, and one day it may even come back around to you.


No act of kindness even goes un noticed, even if you don’t see the recipients reaction. It’ll even help your own heart, maybe even more than the recipients. Kindness is not only compassion but acknowledgment, acknowledgment for others around you. At the root of every issue and every emotion is the need for acknowledgment, and it is what makes being human and living so beautiful.

The power behind a random act of kindness is endless. You may even catch someone on a down day and have the beautiful power of giving them hope in humanity and helping them feel seen in a world where you could feel depressed in. For at the end of the day, we are all human beings, and we are in need of love and connections.




How will you complete a Random Act Of Kindness today?

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